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Urinary Tract Infections & Sepsis

Don’t let anyone tell you that urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging — it’s not. But many nursing homes treat the elderly as if they were incontinent, because the homes do not have the necessary staffing levels to assist the elderly safely to the toilet. As a result, many nursing home residents are forced to wear adult diapers or wear indwelling urinary catheters when they are capable of using the toilet. That is not acceptable and downright dangerous.

Unnecessary Urinary Catheters Can Lead To Urinary Tract Infections And Sepsis

Many elderly patients are discharged from a hospital to a nursing home with an indwelling urinary Foley catheter (a tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine to outside the body). Foley catheters are not meant for long-term use and are well-known breeding grounds for urinary bacteria, which can lead to urinary tract infections, urosepsis (infection to the blood stream) and death by septic shock. Without a valid clinical rationale for an indwelling catheter, its use is not an acceptable approach to manage urinary incontinence. Foley catheters are also uncomfortable, and hinder a resident’s rehabilitation and recovery.

Sitting In A Wet And Soiled Diaper Can Also Cause Urinary Tract Infections

Nursing homes which are understaffed not only use unnecessary adult diapers but also leave the elderly sitting in wet and soiled diapers when staff are too busy to assist. Any elderly person wearing a diaper is particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs) because their diapers hold feces and urine close to their urethras, spreading bacteria into their urinary systems.

Overworked nursing home staff may also miss the signs and symptoms of UTIs (such as strong odor of urine from the person or their clothes, and an increase in the elders level of confusion, agitation or combativeness) and may not seek medical help from the doctor until it is too late.

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