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Assaults By Staff In Nursing Homes


Talk With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Loved One

Residents in nursing homes and residential care facilities are especially vulnerable to physical abuse. At the Law Offices of Felicia C. Curran, in Oakland, California, our goal is to stand up for people who have been assaulted by care providers while in nursing homes or care facilities.

We hold abusive providers accountable for the harm they cause, obtaining compensation for people who have been injured in nursing home assaults. We hope to allow victims to move forward with their lives as well as to send a clear message to nursing home workers: Abuse in any form will not be tolerated.

How Nursing Homes Fail To Protect Nursing Home Residents

We know that nursing homes often fail to protect residents from physical or mental abuse in many ways. Sometimes, they negligently hire abusive staff members and fail to heed the warning signs of abuse. Other times, they fail to supervise residents known to be violent, failing to shield other residents from harm caused by them.

There are many types of injuries, including:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Burns
  • Bruises and internal bleeding
  • Head injuries
  • Facial cuts/lacerations
  • Other injuries

Nursing home abuse is not always easy to spot. Residents may be fearful about speaking out. They worry that, if they say something, they will be abused again. Families should look for more than just physical harm. Sometimes sudden personality changes, where the resident appears unhappy or withdrawn, can also be signs of abuse.

Bay Area Attorney Fighting Patient Abuse And Assaults By Staff

If you suspect abuse, talk with a lawyer. Call today to discuss your potential legal case with an attorney at no cost or obligation, or contact us online in Oakland, California, or by calling 510-823-2331. You owe us nothing unless we obtain a recovery for you. No charge until the case is won.

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