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Causes Of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes have financial incentives to underpay and overwork their staff. The less money the nursing home spends on overhead, such as salaries and training of staff, the more profit the nursing home makes.

Insufficient Operating Budgets Lead To Neglect And Injury At Nursing Homes

The less staff there are at a nursing home, the higher the probability of injury to elderly residents such as pressure ulcers, falls or malnutrition. Nursing homes that are short-staffed often leave elderly adults lying in bed unattended, which can lead to pressure ulcers. Elderly adults are more likely to suffer from falls because no one is around to assist them getting in and out of bed or up from a chair. Elderly adults are more likely to be malnourished because no one takes the time to assist them with eating or monitor their consumption of food.

Nursing homes that underpay their staff have high turnover and attrition rates, resulting in lack of continuity of care for the elderly residents. Such nursing homes often do not pay enough to attract qualified staff members to begin with.

Overworked staff may not notice a change in the vulnerable adult’s condition, and consequently may not call the doctor in time to get the resident needed medical help.

Alameda Nursing Home Abuse Attorney — No Charge Until You Win

Through her practice, attorney Felicia Curran, has developed a keen understanding of the types of financial records nursing homes keep and how to use them to prove that the nursing home was recklessly cutting costs, putting the elderly residents at risk of injury. She will work diligently to hold the nursing home accountable for your loved one’s death.

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