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$800,000 Settlement For Elderly Woman

$800,000 Settlement on behalf of an elderly disabled woman against physicians and skilled nursing facility: An elderly disabled woman in her seventies developed decubitus ulcers on her hips and buttocks during a period of immobility following a major surgery. The ulcers could have been prevented if she had been turned regularly in the hospital. Her physicians cut corners, and delayed providing her medically necessary treatment, equipment, and referrals to specialists, causing the ulcers to become infected, which in turn infected her bones, ultimately requiring hip resection surgery. The neglect permanently altered the quality of her life and cut short her remaining years. The physicians argued that the decubitus ulcers were caused by the woman’s pre-existing disabilities, and not by any neglect. The case settled after Felicia presented evidence that the physicians’ neglect had caused her injuries, and which established the amount of the woman’s monetary losses.

The State Bar of California
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