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$800,000 Elder Abuse & Medical Malpractice

$800,000 Elder Abuse and Medical Malpractice Settlement against a nursing home and consulting physicians for neglect of an elder with a back injury: An elderly woman’s physicians mistakenly diagnosed a back injury as a muscle sprain, instead of a fracture. Each new physician that the elder consulted mistakenly adopted the diagnosis of “muscle sprain” made by the previous physician. The elder became disabled from the pain, to the point where she had to be admitted several times to a nursing home for pain management. At the nursing home, she was repeatedly over-sedated with medication, she was required to do physical therapy which only made his condition worsened, and her cries of pain were ignored. When the fracture was finally diagnosed months later, the woman had spinal cord damage. The case settled after Felicia convinced a judge that there was a triable issue of fact as to whether the nursing home and some of the physicians had committed malicious, oppressive, and despicable neglect of the elderly woman.

The State Bar of California
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