$500,000 Settlement for Oakland Whistle Blower Fired in Retaliation for Whistle Blowing

$500,000 Settlement for Employee Fired in Retaliation for Whistle Blowing

In 2014, Felicia and her co-counsel Alberta Blumin represented an employee of an Oakland company who overheard a scheme by her supervisor to steal from the federal government. When the stolen property showed up at the workplace, and the employee was asked to use it in her job, she courageously turned the company into the FBI, even telling her supervisor that she had turned him in.  Instead of firing the supervisor who was stealing from the government, the company fired the employee who blew the whistle, confirming that the illegal activity went right up to the top management of the company. After filing suit under the California Whistle Blower law, Labor Code Section 1102.5, Felicia was able to obtain a $500,000 settlement for the Oakland whistle blower a few months before the case was set to go to trial.

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