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Oakland Sexual Harassment At School

Sexually harassing conduct is any unwanted and/or inappropriate sexual conduct, touching and or sexual language that makes the school environment feel unsafe and hostile.

Sexually harassing conduct creates a hostile, offensive, oppressive or intimidating educational environment, poisoning a student’s learning environment and affecting their well-being. Every child is entitled to a safe, nonthreatening learning environment.

Sexual harassment at school can take many forms — including student-on-student harassment or sexual harassment by a teacher or other school personnel.

The school’s first response to a complaint of sexual harassment is often to blame or silence the victim rather than take action against the perpetrator. Legal action, or the threat of it, is sometimes necessary to protect the child and prevent a recurrence.

You should report any sort of sexual assault or battery to the police immediately. If your child tells you they have been sexually harassed, you should immediately report the harassment to school administration, preferably in writing. The school must conduct an immediate, impartial and thorough investigation to determine what happened and then take appropriate steps to protect the victim and prevent a repeat occurrence.

The school’s response needs to include an immediate corrective action that is reasonably calculated to (1) end the current harassment and (2) to deter future harassment. The school’s obligations to take prompt corrective action requires (1) that temporary steps be taken to protect the victim while the school determines whether the complaint is justified and (2) that permanent action be taken to prevent future harassment once the investigation is completed.

In a legal action against the school, the family can force the school district to act to protect their child from sexual harassment and obtain financial compensation for the damages the child suffered from the school’s failure to take appropriate action.

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