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Bay Area Sexual Harassment

Although numerous state and federal laws ban sexual harassment in the workplace, it is in no danger of disappearing in California. Each day, women and men are unwillingly subjected to sexual harassment by supervisors, co-workers and business associates. Too often, this harassment is tolerated or even encouraged by employers who “talk the talk” of harassment-free workplaces, but do little to prevent it or stop it once it occurs.

The Law Offices of Felicia C. Curran, in Oakland, California, doesn’t accept excuses for sexual harassment. Instead, it assists clients in seeking financial compensation and other remedies from employers when they are sexually harassed in the workplace. Our managing attorney Felicia Curran has fought to enable victims to become victors for more than 20 years.

Oakland And Alameda Hostile Work Environment Lawyer — No Charge Until You Win

Ms. Curran believes every worker has a right to work in a workplace that is free of sexual harassment. Further, she has established a track record of results that demonstrates both a commitment to ending sexual harassment and success in achieving financial compensation, job reinstatement and other remedies for her clients.

She can assist you in holding employers accountable for a range of illegal behaviors, including:

  • Inappropriate or unwanted touching
  • Verbal harassment through comments or jokes
  • Inappropriate e-mails
  • Unwanted flirting or request for dates
  • Demands for sex in exchange for favorable treatment, wages or advancement
  • Threats of firing, demotion or other negative outcomes for refusing sexual advances
  • Promises of favorable treatment in exchange for sex
  • Sexual assault in the workplace

To learn more about sexual harassment law in California, please read our frequently asked questions section.

San Francisco Sexual Harassment Lawyer — No Charge Until You Win

If you believe you are the subject of sexual harassment, you do not have to accept it. The laws are on your side, and so is our law office.

To schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer, contact us online in Oakland, California, or by calling 510-823-2331. We are paid by contingency, which means you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

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