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$525,000 Settlement For Elderly Man | Skilled Nursing Facility & Physicians

Settlement in the amount of $525,000 on behalf of elderly man and his family against skilled nursing facility and its physicians: An elderly man entered a skilled nursing facility for short-term care to recover from a heart attack and stroke. At the nursing home he was left unattended in bed, flat on his back, for long periods of time, which caused him to develop pressure ulcers all over his body. The physicians at the skilled nursing facility held back aggressive treatment for the pressure ulcers because of his advanced age, putting him at risk of losing the leg as the pressure ulcer spread into the muscle and bones. The skilled nursing facility and the physician contended that their conduct amounted to, at most, negligence, and that the damage limitations of the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) should limit any settlement to $250,000. Felicia obtained a settlement in excess of the MICRA limits by using a legal theory on behalf of the family members that entitled them to damages for their emotional distress.

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