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Oakland Lawyer For Workplace Retaliation Claims

You have the right to work in a legal and safe work environment, and you have the right to be free from retaliation when you speak up for yourself and your co-workers. At the Law Offices of Felicia C. Curran, we have represented all types of workers, from truck drivers to power plant workers, factory workers, and kitchen and restaurant workers.

Many of the people we helped were fired, demoted or otherwise hurt by their employers just because they spoke up about illegal activity or requested the safety equipment or rest breaks that the law said they were entitled to. Some even took the risk of standing up for a co-worker being sexually harassed or discriminated against, and they paid dearly with their jobs. Others simply filed workers’ compensation claims, reporting injuries they experienced in the workplace.

Handling Retaliation Claims In The Bay Area

Our law firm is located in Oakland, California, and serves workers throughout the Bay Area who have become the victims of workplace retaliation for protesting illegal employment practices on the part of their employers. We stand up for the people we represent in employment law cases, no matter what they have experienced:

  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Disability discrimination, including taking FMLA leave for a serious medical condition
  • Pregnancy discrimination, including FMLA pregnancy disability leave
  • Filing a complaint or legal claim against your employer for violating the law
  • Filing a complaint or legal claim against your employer for violating safety regulations

Talk With An Attorney About Employment Retaliation

There is no charge for our services until you win, so you do not need money to talk with an attorney at our Oakland law firm about your workplace retaliation claim. To schedule a free case evaluation with our lawyer, contact us online or by calling 510-823-2331.

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