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Oakland FMLA Discrimination Lawyer

The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law that protects certain employees, giving them the right to take up to 12 weeks of medical leave to do certain things, including giving birth to or adopting a child, treating a serious illness or caring for a loved one with a serious medical condition. The law requires that employers give employees the time they need, and it prevents them from discriminating against employees based on the FMLA time they take.

Unfortunately, not all employers understand FMLA. They do not realize what they can and cannot do. Sometimes, they deny leave that their employees are entitled to take. Other times, they force employees to take the time in one lump sum instead of taking the time in shorter increments, which is allowed by law.

Discrimination based on FMLA is not uncommon. Employees return from leave and find that:

  • They have been fired/terminated/let go.
  • Their positions no longer exist.
  • They have been demoted.
  • They have been given unfavorable hours or their workspaces have been moved.
  • Their clients have been given to someone else.
  • Their employer refuses to make necessary disability accommodations.
  • Their employer has taken other retaliatory actions against them.

At our Oakland, California, law firm, attorney Felicia Curran prides herself on listening to her clients’ experiences and uncovering evidence that is difficult to find. She then develops creative legal strategies to win them the monetary compensation and other relief they deserve.

A corresponding state law called the California Family Medical Leave Act (CFMLA) is California’s version of the FMLA. It gives California employees additional protections under the law and can be leveraged by an experienced attorney to protect your rights. At our firm, we have extensive experience with the FMLA and the CFMLA, which we use to achieve the best possible results in employment law cases.

We Are Always On The Side Of Bay Area Employees, And Not Employers

Talk with us about FMLA and pregnancy discrimination. There is no charge for our services until you win your employment law case. To schedule a free case evaluation with our lawyer, contact us online or by calling 510-823-2331.

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